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CT110 Bike Chain Heavy duty or long lasting "O" Ring

CT110 Bike Chain Heavy duty or long lasting "O" Ring
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CT110 Bike Chain Heavy duty or long lasting "O" Ring
It has a high carrying capacity, impact resistance, self-lubricating abili

MODEL: CT110 Bike Chain Heavy duty or long lasting "O" Ring

428 chain for CT110 / Postie Bike

Availabe in heavy duty or long lasting "O" Ring

CODE NO: EM001015


CT110 Bike Chain Heavy duty or long lasting "O" Ring
Advantages: high hardness, rigid and impact resistance,impact resistance, high temperature, self

Our mortorcycle chain are of high quality, when you send enquiry, please let us know the chain plates colour you need and also its package way. Usually there is grey colour, blue colour, brown(golden) colour, copper plated, nickle plated, zinc plated, black colour, shot peened chain plates available. And usually each piece of chain will be oiled and dryed and then put into a aluminium bag and sealed, then put into a colourful box. A certain number of boxes will be put into carton. The shipping marks will be on the carton. If you need wooden case package, please inform us in advance because the prices are different.

O ring motorcycle roller chains (Motorcycle Racing Chains)

Feature of "O" ring roller chain: The service life of chains is greatly dependent on the wearing between the pin-shaft and the sleeve,The 'O' ring will greatly reduce the wearing and thus prolong the service life by 5 times. it especially suitable for the adverse environments such as the one bearing water,mud or dust.it is most suitable for high-speed running. our company can meet the demand of your different requests qualities and prices.


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DY100/CG125 428-100L GS125/FXD125/SY125 116L

WY125/WIN100 108L CB125/SRZ150 122L

AX100/RX125 JH125 112L 124L

GS125/FXD125 SY125 116L 154L

CB125T 122L 110L

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104L 128L

112L 154L



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